Artikel oleh Perkumpulan KELOLA

Established in 1995 in form of a foundation and changed to be a group in 2004, KELOLA (A Group of Natural Resources Management) works to increase welfare of coastal people. To achieve its objective the Organisation supports the practice of sustainable use of natural resources and facilitates the increase of coastal people knowledge and capacity in managing natural resources. The concept of community-based coastal and marine resources management has been succesfully implemented by coastal communities over the provinces of North Sulawesi and Gorontalo. At any circumtances, well-organised communities supported by KELOLA have been successful in protecting their environment and life from a variety of damaging activities. At the national level, the Organisation participates actively in overseeing arrangment of any regulations that are relating to environment, fishery, human right, etc. In the future, challenges and problems would be more complicated, KELOLA will be continuing to prepare its capacity, strategy and network.